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February Favorites

Hello loves! I just wanted to shares with you guys some of my essentials from the past month, both in beauty and just life in general.


                                                                                                                                             So these Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps in Peppermint and Lavender are two things that I have been using a lot this past month. I use them to wash my makeup brushes because it gets the job done so fast. It cuts through the dirt so quickly, and all you really need is a tiny drop. I also use them to wash my face when I feel like I just want my face to feel extra clean. They are simply amazing!! These are travel sizes that I purchased at Target a few months ago and it’s still pretty much full because all you need is a tiny amount of it because they are so potent.


This is my favorite Facial cleanser at the moment because it’s gentle enough for my sensitive skin, yet strong enough to take off all my makeup and clean my face. You can literally feel the foam melting into your face as your rub it in. I use it morning and night and will probably be using it for a long time to come.

DSCN3771 DSCN3745

Next, are these two toners. One is the Neutrogena Pore Refining toner, which I use in the mornings. The next one is the Bliss Daily Detoxifying Facial Toner that I use at night. The bliss toner can be used morning and night but I use it at night because it is so moisturizing, and tends to make my skin look a little oily. Toners usually give your skin a tight feeling, but this one does not at all. The liquid is a lot thicker than the Neutrogena toner which makes it perfect for re-hydrating dry skin.

DSCN3748 DSCN3752

The Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer has been a favorite of mine for years now. I started using Cetaphil products because my dermatologist recommended it due to my super super sensitive skin, and fell in love with it because it’s so gentle. This is my daily morning facial moisturizer. The Timebalm Iris Night Face Cream is a recent purchase from The Balm Cosmetics. I had tried another cream from The Balm Cosmetics a few months back and loved it because it didn’t give me a reaction, and also felt so moisturizing. So I purchased this cream and it is super duper hydrating. All you need is a tiny amount because it just blends into your skin so smoothly.


This thing is something that I’m sure you guys have all seen before. It is simply amazing! I get this giant tub from BJ’s for about the same price that they sell the smaller size in stores. You can’t beat that. I use this thicker cream on my skin during the winter because I need the hydration, plus IT MAKES ME SMELL LIKE A DELICIOUS CHOCOLATE BAR!! Seriously what is better than that?


These eye masks are so relaxing and great. When I want to relax and add a little bit of life to my face, I just stick these things under my eyes and just lay back. Or I put them on during my half hour drive to work since I work overnights, and don’t usually have much time to relax. It’s just a great way to re-hydrate the tired skin under my eyes.


You guys already know how I feel about this foundation. Read my review here, if you haven’t already. It gives the perfect dewy finish and moisture that I need during this awful winter.

DSCN3759DSCN3761        DSCN3762DSCN3768

This eyeshadow base is everything! It can be used as a cream eyeshadow, but I’ve been using it as a base when I want to do a really dewy look and it’s amazing! It helps the color blend so seamlessly and just makes it shine.


I’ve had this palette for years, and I’m so happy that I rediscovered it this past month. I’ve been using the neutrals and reddish-brown colors this past month on top of the eyeshadow base that I have above. It gives me the perfect natural look.


The last, and most important favorite, is this journal. It was a gift, and such a great one at that. I’ve been journaling since I moved to the U.S. years ago, and I just can’t imagine not doing it. It keeps me sane and prevents a lot of breakdowns and helps to alleviate my stress. It’s like talking to super close friend, but better because that friend is yourself. It helps me sort out my thoughts and feelings and understand myself better, and that is something that I think more people should do. I carry this little guy with me everywhere I go. I especially love this because the message in the back says “Enough is enough! What’s essential to you? When you wake up in the morning, take a few minutes and write the essentials to your life. It could be the beginning of happiness…”. Journaling is so essential to me and that’s why I really love this. It really does make me a much better person. Also, it’s so amusing to take out my old journals from years ago and read them. My bf and I laugh so much while reading my 8th grade journals and the ones where I barely spoke any english.

I hope you all enjoyed this!

Love always, Weezybaby!


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