Playing with Makeup!

Hello loves! I hope that you are all having a wonderful Saturday so far. I woke up this morning thinking that it was Sunday and with the room spinning. I guess you can say that I had a pretty crazy night, but we all need nights like that once in a while…or once a week. I don’t judge.

Anyway so one of my closest friends let me play with her hair and makeup just because we were bored and had nothing else to do. So I just wanted to show you what that looked like. I really just wanted to say hi to you guys, I’m not gonna lie. Anyway, here is Ms. S!

DSCN3516 DSCN3518 DSCN3533

Isn’t she so beautiful you guys? Her skin is so perfect. I didn’t even use any foundation on her because I don’t own any in her shade. I only used the L’oreal BB cream in deep and since it comes out white and blends into your skin, it worked perfectly for her.

Can we also just take a second and talk about that hair though?? It’s so fricken perfect, I’m so jealous. She is such a beauty, inside and out!

Hope your weekend is bomb diggidy!

Love always, Weezy!


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