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My Easter: Makeup, Outfit, Mad Lamb, and Cake!!!

Hello lovelies! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter.

I wanted to do a quick post to share a bit of my Easter with you guys before I rush off to work.

My outfit…


That’s the future father-in-law in the background cutting cheese and cold cuts.

My face or makeup…

DSCN384920150405_131600 That’s my selfie using my mom’s fancy new phone. I actually took most of the pictures with her phone because I fell in love with it.

All the damn food…


My mom seriously threw down in the kitchen. We usually split up the cooking duties, but she made everything herself this time and it was so amazing!

Despite all the food and festivities, it is still important for me to acknowledge that it is not just another holiday for get-togethers and eating until we pass out. This was all because Christ is risen and because by His Holy cross, He has redeemed the world.

Thank you guys for reading, talk to you later.

Love always, Weezy!


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