But not really you guys.

After putting it off for a few weeks, I finally went ahead a bit the bullet and splurged on the gold iPhone 6 64g. My mom, boyfriend, and friends have been talking me up to it because I was not about spending all that money for a phone.

So today, I went to the sprint store and got it. The phone itself was $300 and the screen saver and case were $80…I know guys, I know. So $400 later, and wanting to cry for days, I have gotten over the initial shock. I talked to my mom right after I bought it and she made me feel a little better about the purchase. I also decided to think of it as a graduation present to myself, since I’ll be graduating in one month…

…anything to help me feel better.

So here’s the phone compared to the iPhone 4 I had for the past few years.

DSCN3994 DSCN3990

I’m still kind of in shock, but I’m sure I’ll get over it soon enough once I get to play with it more!

Love always, Weezy!


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