Cap and Gown Ceremony: 16 Days Until Graduation!!!

And the countdown begins!!

Hello lovelies! I am officially in my final week of college classes and the most hectic week I think I’ve ever had. Then next week is exam and juries week, and then graduation the following week.

I cannot believe that I’m so close to graduating college. I’m still freaking out about what to do after, but I’m so excited to be done. I’ve taken about 18-24 credits every semester and taken summer classes for the past 4 years just so I can get through all of my requirements for my 2 majors in four years. And now it’s almost done.

I’ve had two 20 minute presentations so far this week, performed Mozart’s Requiem with the Orchestra, and am performing the Requiem again tomorrow. My last chorus concert…OMG craziness!!!

Now to do one more presentation, juries, final exams, and 3 term papers…one that’s 25 pages…FML. Why am I always such a procrastinator and wait last minute for absolutely everything. I’ve always been like that. I always put it off until it is the very last possible minute…usually the night before it’s due, when I pull an all-nighter and work right until the hour it is due and feel like I’m about to have a massive fricken heart attack. It’s not a good feeling, but then I always get a really good grade, so I keep doing it. UGH!!! Well it’s almost done.

So yesterday, we had a cap and gown ceremony. First time I’ve ever heard of or been a part of one. I sang the National Anthem and our school’s Alma Mater along with about 5 or 6 other graduating music majors. There was this thing called the “capping ceremony” where we basically put the graduation cap on the person in front of us. It was exciting!! Then I just started taking a bunch of selfies because hello, what else would I do? So I’ll share with you guys some pictures from yesterday’s cap and gown ceremony.

IMG_0241IMG_0227 (2)

LMAO at the photobomber sitting behind me while I’m trying to take a cute pic.

IMG_0215 (2)

I don’t know why I have a weird claw hand.

IMG_0228 (2)

Is that the same fricken guy in the back? Dude how about you take your own picture!

IMG_0234 (2)

Until next time guys!

Love always, Weezy!


9 thoughts on “Cap and Gown Ceremony: 16 Days Until Graduation!!!

      1. I’m a coloratura/soprano and my absolute favorite opera is La Traviata, but I haven’t sang in it yet! Have you ever seen it? My favorite that I was in was playing Susanna in Le Nozze di Figaro!

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      2. No.. I have an seen many operas. I have some interest in arts and probably know more of the music than the storyline of the opera..I find it interesting to find more and more black people in the other performing arts realms.. And that is quite refreshing!

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      3. I agree with you! You probably do know more of the music because it’s used on mainstream TV and everything. But when you’re in school studying classical music, you don’t see many people of color or any black people. I was one of maybe 4 black people in the whole music department, but that was more than years before. It makes me happy that it’s finally becoming more diverse.

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