Jordana Modern Matte Lipstick Swatches + Review

Hello lovelies!

I decided to start a new thing on my blog called Lipstick Wednesday, where every Wednesday, I will post a review and swatches of new lip products, not just lipsticks. I just really liked the sound of “Lipstick Wednesday”. “Lip Things Wednesday” could’ve also worked I supposed.

On this very first Lipstick Wednesday, I will review the Jordana Modern Matte Lipsticks. I’ll admit that I’ve been lazy. I purchased these maybe 3 months ago when I first saw them on the shelf at Walgreens, but I just never got around to reviewing them until now.


I purchased 6 different colors that I thought would look best on my complexion. So I’ll show the swatches, then I’ll do the review after, and rate it on a 5- point scale where 1= Unacceptable, 2= Below Average, 3= Average, 4= Above Average, and 5= Outstanding.


The colors from left to right:

  • 01 Matte Bare
  • 03 Matte Frappuccino
  • 05 Matte Classy
  • 08 Matte It Girl
  • 09 Matte Dare
  • 10 Matte Pretty


The colors are in the same order as above.


01 Matte Dare


03 Matte Frappuccino


05 Matte Classy


08 Matte It Girl


09 Matte Dare


10 Matte Pretty


  • The packaging, as you can see, is pretty basic. I do love the fact that the top is clear so that you can actually see the color of the product inside.
  • These lipsticks are super creamy and easy to apply. It is matte, but it’s not a chalky, dry kind of matte. So it that’s what you like, this wouldn’t be what you’re looking for. It feels pretty moisturizing.
  • It has a very pleasant, sweet scent when you sniff it, but you can’t smell it once you apply it, so that’s good for those who are sensitive to scents.
  • The darker colors tend to last longer on the lips and leave a really nice stain after it’s wiped off, especially 09 Matte Dare. The lighter colors, however, transfer very easily and you will definitely need to reapply throughout the day, especially after eating or kissing hahaha.

Overall, I really like the product and would recommend it to anyone looking for a nice matte and moisturizing lipstick, who also wouldn’t mind reapplying it throughout the day. My favorites in order are: 09, 03, 08, 05, 01, 10. I have to wear the really light ones with a darker lipliner to make it blend in and look less shocking.

All in all, I give these lipsticks an overall score of 3.6/5.

I hope you enjoyed this review. Please let me know what other products I should try for Lipstick Wednesday, and also what your thoughts are on these lipsticks if you’ve tried them.

Thank you all for reading, and talk to you soon.

Love Always, Weezybaby!


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