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Bath and Body Works Haul!!

Hello lovelies!

I went to Bath and Body to pick up some body cream because I was all out and I discovered that they had their semi-annual sale happening. So the body creams that were  normally $12.50 were only 3.50. SCORE!! So if you didn’t know that, I suggest you head on over there because the items are 50-75% off. Now is the time to stock up on lotions and candles and whatnot.

So like I said, I went to pick up the body creams because I’m absolutely obsessed with them. They make my skin feel soooo fricken soft and the scent last on the skin for a really long time. I also got a regular lotion, shower gel, and candle because how can you go into the store and not get a candle that’s 50% off?!


Juniper Breeze keynotes: Juniper leaves, Green apple, Blue jasmine, Fresh woods, Dewy musk.


Country Chic keynotes: Sparking lemon, Warm marigold, Golden sunflower, Orange blossom, Amber wood.


Cool Amazon Rain keynotes: Amazon rain (what?), Brazilian starfruit, Frangipani, Exotic mandarin, Dewy bamboo.


Pure Paradise keynotes: Juicy starfruit, Dewy frangipani blossom, Waterlily, Sunkissed coconut, White musk.


Amber Blush keynotes: Raspberry champagne, Gardenia petals, Magnolia blossom, Crystallized amber, Vanilla suede.


Lush Pink Dragonfruit keynotes: Pink dragonfruit, Wild waterlilies, Pomegranate caipirinha, Jungle plum, Passionfruit nectar.


Twilight Woods keynotes: Lush berry, Sparkling mandarin, Soft mimosa (huh? I thought a mimosa was champagne and orange juice?), Apricot nectar, Cypress wood.


Pineapple Mango: Smells #BOMBDOTCOM!!!

Ok guys, now that you know there’s a sale going on, go haul and stock up!!

Until next time lovers ❤

Love always, Weezybaby!


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