Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer Swatches + Review

Hello lovelies!

Today’s Lipstick Wednesday is on the Rimmel London Show Off Lip Lacquers. I’ve been wanting to do a post on these for a while now, so I guess it’s been a long time coming.

This product retails for about $6 in drugstores and comes in 9 different shades. I have 5 out of the 9.

The colors:

  • 102 Nova
  • 200 Comet
  • 400 Big Bang
  • 401 Aurora
  • 501 Stellar

The Claims:

  • Show Off Lip Lacquer combines the intense color of a lipstick with a smooth, lacquer shine
  • Luscious liquid lacquer gives a creamy and conditioning texture
  • Bold color glides on with a sweep of the innovative new foam applicator that features a built-in micro-reservoir to hold the perfect amount of lacquer
  • Intense liquid color
  • Smooth lacquer shine
  • Long lasting

DSCN4886 DSCN4899

102 Nova


200 Comet


400 Big Bang


401 Aurora


501 Stellar


  • Super smooth and easy application
  • Very pigmented
  • Buttery, not sticky
  • Makes teeth look really white
  • Love the packaging
  • Beautiful finish


  • The color isn’t very lasting; it seems to just naturally wear off after a while

I give this product an overall rating of 3.7/5 (almost above average). I really want to give this product an above average rating, but I really don’t like the fact that the color doesn’t last on my lips. It seems to get a little dull after maybe an hour or so. But besides that fact, it’s a great product. I would still recommend it to anyone who loves shiny, but not sticky lip product with a great color payout…as long as you don’t mind reapplying it.

I hope you loves found this helpful. Let me know what you guys think of this product and if you have the same thoughts on it.

Until next time ❤

Love always, Weezybaby!


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