My Colourpop Collection + Swatches

Hello loves,

It’s been so long since I’m been active on my blog! The past several months have been a whirlwind of change, new experiences, and excitement, but I’ll catch you guys up on that in another post.

Today, I wanted to share with you guys my Colourpop collection thus far. I’m sure that it’ll continue to grow because I absolutely love the brand. They have such quality products at such a low price. It’s a wonder that any of the stuff actually works as well as it does.

Super Shock Shadows: I really enjoy this formula. I find that I get more pigmentation when I apply it with a finger. A brush can always be used to blend it out afterwards. Also, make sure that you close it tight when you are finished, otherwise it will dry out.

  • Get Lucky – Muted metallic gold
  • Nillionaire – Metallic bronze with pink and gold glitter
  • Game Face – Ultra-metallic intense penny copper
  • Mooning – Blackened plum with a violet sheen
  • Mittens – Matte plummy brown
  • Central Perk – Matte deep warm burgundy
  • Partridge – Warm pearlized brown with green and gold duo chrome flip
  • Coconut – Pearlized bright teal (this name really throws me off to be honest)
  • Bae – Rich eggplant purple with blue glitter


No flash
With flash

Persuade Me Lippie Kit: These matte x lippie stix have a very opaque color pay off. They are creamy to put on and are super matte as you would imagine.

  • Ziggie – Dark terracotta (love that word!)
  • Daydream – Plummy brown
  • Le Freak – Deepened red wine (Ah freak out! Le freak, c’est chic…love that song haha)
  • Goldie – Rich brick red
  • Hotline – Mid-tone dirty peach
  • Upside Down – Light nude peach


No flash
With flash

Ultra Matte Lips: Super pigmentation. The formula feels very comfortable and light on my lips, and I find that this is mostly transfer proof and lasts all day on my lips.

  • Mama – Burnt orange (purchased in the Up and Away Lip Bundle)
  • Tulle – Dusty burgundy
  • Beeper – Greige rose
  • Kae – Warm orange brown
  • Love Bug – Rich mahogany (purchased in the Up and Away Lip Bundle)
  • Guess – Blackened purple
No flash
With flash

Ultra Glossy Lip: I’m very picky with my glosses because I really hate thick, sticky formulas, but these are so comfortable. They are not sticky or thick. They are very comfortable and have a nice amount of pigmentation.

  • Furry – Rich burgundy in a metallic finish
  • Cheat Code – Rich copper
  • My Jam – Metallic sparkly golden nude
  • Wolfie – Rich rosy pink with a flash of gold on top


With flash
No flash

Ultra Metallic Lip: I find that for the most part, these 2 colors look about the same on my lips. They’re pretty…if you are into that frosty, metallic look.

  • Zebra – Metallic rose bronze
  • 3-Way– Metallic plum with gold sparkles

Ultra Satin Lip: This formula is so beautiful! The color is pigmented, and the formula is so hydrating and comfortable on the lips. It’s not transfer-proof obviously because it is a cream formula and does not dry down, but I highly recommend the ultra satin lips.

  • Calypso – Mid-tone pink (purchased in the Up and Up Bundle)


That is it for my collection thus far. I hope that these swatches and descriptions were helpful in helping you decide which of the products might work for you.

Until next time!



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