Summer Fashion Finds | Clothes

Although it may not feel like it up here in the North East, summer is basically here, YAY!! FINALLY! This for me means incorporating more color in my wardrobe, being more carefree with my fashion choices, and wearing lots and lots of maxi dresses; which are my go to outfits for the summer. I wanted to start a series on my blog where I share with you all some of my favorite fashion finds in different categories. Of course, I will have everything linked as usual. I hope you enjoy the items I picked out!


Top: Zara


Dress: Free People


Jeans: Free People


Dress: Anthropologie


Kimono: Free People

Which of these picks was you favorite? I would love to know.

And be sure to stay tuned for the next part of the series, which will be on shoes!!

Until next time, ItsWeezybaby!



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