A bit about me

My name is Louise (aka. Louisa, Weez, Weezy), and really any variation of my name. I am 25  and originally from Senegal, but am now a fairly new resident of the Big Apple. It’s been a dream of mine to live here since I first visited when I was about 14, so this is truly a dream come true for me.

My first language is French.

I love food probably more than the average person. If I’m not eating food, then I’m thinking about what food I wish I were eating hahaha. It’s really kind of a problem. I’m also obsessed with makeup, skincare, and fashion, and have amassed a huge amount of products in the past couple of years due to this obsession.

I am also a trained classical/opera singer. I have degrees in both music and psychology.

I love correct spelling and grammar, although, I do have a habit of using run-on sentences. My bad, we’re not all perfect.

I hope you guys enjoy seeing things from my perspective…just a 20-something year old Senegalese in America. 🙂



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